Rare privileges


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Indeed, this area didn’t match with the rest of the establishment anymore. In this way, to better answer to the needs of the customers and also better match the image of a luxury hotel, the owner decided to renovate these accommodations in moderns and romantics suites, perfects for loving getaway or honeymoon. Guests will find every essentials ingredient for a perfect stay of luxury and relaxation, with a situation isolated from the main house and the most beautiful view on the sea from the corniche. Customers could also enjoy every services proposed by this 5-star establishment as the gastronomic restaurant, the spa or yet regular events.

Every year, le Cap Estel undertakes renovations and the area of « La Corniche » was the last non-renovated building since its opening in 2004. So far kept as a hidden treasure, the structure of La Corniche was composed of 2 duplex apartments with two bedrooms and 2 apartments with one bedroom and a kitchen, decorated in a modern style. This 4 apartments will be transformed in 6 junior suites of 60 square metre each, with balcony overlooking the sea.

The architect tells us: “Every space have been made in a perspective of comfort and luminosity, open on the sea. We attached a particular attention to the lighting and the furniture. Leather effect in every dressing rooms and the bronze color of the rods are new matters that brings a touch of elegance with a mix between hot and cold tones that propose a timeless ensemble. We favored the charm of the hotel and the plunging view on the sea that the Cap Estel allow to have.”

The architect, the decorator and every companies implies in this project are local firms who works with le Cap Estel since its opening by respecting the vision of the owner, the quality of materials and craftsmanship of the artisans, for an entirely made to measure service.

Outside as inside will be completely restyled to merge with the main house “La Maison Principale – Le Cap” with a more Florentine style. The project also predict the creation of a verdant garden composed of Mediterranean essences, access to the suites with a new elevator, just as a new very elegant entrance with a gate in wrought iron.

After a re-opening planned in early march, this new area renamed “Les Jardins” (“The Gardens”) is already privatized for a birthday in the end of April and will welcome a press cocktail in May.