A spirit of celebration


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Jewel of the French Riviera « La côte d’azur », the Cap Estel proudly claim a unique art of living. Beyond the splendid setting with a unique view from this isolated peninsula, or yet the starred table of Chef Patrick Raingeard, guests have the assurance of an atmosphere always happy and festive; a taste of French dolce vita!

And, with the sound of cicadas, what’s better than the inescapable leisure from south of France to plunge in the heart of this beautiful summer ambiance: a game of “pétanque”. The Cap Estel provides a court of pétanque, located in the heart of the gardens of the domain. In the shade of the different Mediterranean essences, you get there crossing the vegetable garden of the Chef, surrounded by waterfalls. This place offers a calm space with a stunning view on the sea.

These are perfect moments to bond your teams during incentives or professionals events, but also to gather together your friends during your private events like weddings or receptions. This lively place is also completely favorable to slackening, for every guest that are looking for a relaxed ambiance and easy living.